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Lightning Custom Golf Discs

Lightning Custom Golf Discs

$ 10.00

Lightning Golf Discs are an excellent, high quality disc for both the beginner and advanced player.  We carry a wide variety of discs and colors that can be customized with your own artwork.  Add an order of full size Lightning golf discs to your mini disc order and receive a discounted price. 

#1 Driver:  A very fast maximum distance flyer, maybe even the best overall disc on the market.  The #1 seller.  Great for beginners.

  • Yellow, Orange, Neon Orange

#2 Driver:  A long range straight line flyer. This disc has a solid slightly overstable flight path. Floats in water and is extremely durable!  A favorite with advanced players.

  • Purple, Red, Yellow, Aqua, Clear

#3 Driver:  Very fast, with a long straight line glide and absolutely awesome with a tailwind!  Easy to learn.

  • Purple Multi, Blue Multi

#4 Driver:  Designed for power-drives and heavy winds, the #4 is stable in the lower weights and almost a Hookshot over 170g. Recommended for advanced players.

  • Yellow, Blue Multi, Glow

#1 Helix:  This fast, overstable disc is named for its S shaped flight path. Thrown nose down, it hooks back after a long glide. Great for distance and predictability.

  • Glow

#3 Flyer:  A favorite with advanced players for years, the #3 Flyer is perfect for mid- to long range straight line drives. Stable and very predictable. Floats in water under 170g.

  • Purple Multi

Rubber Putter:  A rock steady putter and approach disc. It is totally wind resistant, floats in water and is extremely durable.

  • Blue Multi, Glow

Minimum Order:  10 Discs

Save 30-40% on the Custom Lightning Discs when also placing a Mini Disc Order.  Please choose "Lightning Custom Golf Discs- Add On to Mini Order" for the special pricing!


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