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Custom Bag Tags *OUT OF STOCK*

Custom Bag Tags *OUT OF STOCK*

$ 4.25

Order our custom stamped Bag Tags and add an exciting event to your disc golf league or challenge your friends to the bag tag game!  All bag tags are 3.75", sequentially numbered and come with an 8" ball chain.  Bag Tags are available in any color and foil combination or choose an assorted mix.



 Typical Bag Tag Rules:

Bag tags are purchased and issued at random to interested participants.  Bag tag challenge participants must honor the competition by fixing the number tag to their bag or person so that it is in plain sight during qualifying play.  

 The goal of the challenge is to achieve the lowest numbered tag possible.  The value of the prize/award for the lowest numbered tags should be determined by the event organizer.  You aquire a lowered numbered tag by challenging and defeating the individual with a lower numbered tag during qualifying play.  Qualifying play should be defined by the "challenge" organizer.  Prizes/awards should be funded by the sale proceeds of the tags.  If run properly, a bag tag challenge can be a great competitive, fund raising vehicle.

Minimum Order Quantity:  50

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