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Stock Stamped Premium Mini Discs- 4.25" Little Flyer

Stock Stamped Premium Mini Discs- 4.25" Little Flyer

$ 1.10

Take advantage of our stock stamps for a quick-ship Mini Disc order.  Our 4.25" Little Flyer mini discs are made from a high quality, durable plastic.  These discs will fly over 250 feet!  

In our premium color line, we offer five colors of "Metal Flake" mini discs.  The Metal Flake discs have flecks molded in the plastic to give them that extra sparkle.  

The 4.25" Metal Flake mini discs will fit together with the 3.75" Mini discs to create an inter-locking airtight container. Order both sizes to create a set for holding lights or butts!  

Stock stamps are available in any disc and foil combination.   Choose a single color combination or order an assorted mix.  

Please call us if you are looking for specific quantities of multiple colors.  We'll be happy to customize your order for you.

Minimum Order Quantity:  100

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