Artwork Guidelines

All artwork will be made into a 3 or 4 inch stamp, depending on the mini you order. Please keep this in mind while choosing a design, as certain elements will not come across when scaled down. Artwork must be completely black and white with no grey shading. Most any of the common file types (.jpg, .png, .psd, etc.) will work. Some designs will not stamp with certain foils, or on certain color minis.

Things to stay away from are...

  • Extra small text
  • Thick lines/stamped areas. Anything larger than a dime will not take properly
  • Designs that are long in only one directly, either horizontally/vertically

We are able to do multiple designs per order, however only the first die is free, and additional charges will be applied for each die afterwards. Minimum order is 100 minis per design.

If you do not have artwork, Little Flyer has a graphic designer available to assist you in creating your design. There will be a $30/hour charge with a one hour minimum. We can provide you with an approximate estimate prior to starting.

If you have any questions about your artwork, please contact us at!